Loving every step of the way

It’s about time for an update, and the timing is great, as I’m finding myself setting goals, feeling fit and “loving every step of the way”!

Despite a rocky road last year with a big break from running, I still remember 2015 as the year I ran a PB, was selected for the World Championships, gained an Olympic qualifier, and placed 4th at the Rotterdam Marathon (yes, all in one race). I don’t think anyone believes marathons are easy. To be able to improve at each race so far is not only reassuring for myself and my coach, it’s also very motivating to keep pushing the limits and searching for new goals. And in the end, limits are mostly self-imposed so why not challenge them?


Goal setting is really important and something I’ve talked to a lot of runners about. There are the smaller goals to focus on, such as achieving a certain pace in your track session or hitting a weekly mileage, and there are the bigger goals such as a big race, a new PB or even a championship qualifier. For marathon runners these goals might stretch out over years, and that means you need to reward yourself with the intermediate goals along the way. But something else that I say to runners is ensuring you keep the enjoyment in the sport; that’s why you run in the first place, right?

I’ve got some big goals ahead of me, and I’ve got a few smaller ones to think about along the way. An obvious one for me is improving my speed in the shorter distances. To give you some insight, my 10K and half marathon PBs are the 10K and half marathon splits at the Rotterdam Marathon (which is also my marathon PB)…. So in keeping the bigger goals firmly in front of mind I plan to get involved in the local races that I love and use these events to improve my performance. Next on the calendar will be Noosa and I hope to see you there!

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