From Hot to High 

As part of my Sunday run I raced the atlas multisport 10k in noosa  which turned out to be a tough little course on a very hot and humid morning. No PBs on such a technical and undulating course but another great threshold run in the bank – and in the heat – for my marathon training.


Marathon training on the Sunshine Coast in summer isn’t easy for most, and if you’re not adapted to the heat it can feel like a real struggle! Humidity often reaches 90%, the temperature will hit 30 soon after sunrise, and you’re quickly drenched in your own sweat! But, I’ve said it before, I love it and I know that it makes each of my sessions worth that bit extra.

To give you a little science behind the benefits of heat training, the adaptations your body needs to make to adjust to the hot environment result in plasma volume expansion, which improves cardiac output and VO2 max .

To compliment all this heat training, I’m now at Perisher for some altitude training. We are staying at about 1720m and the run up to Kosciusko about 2300m above sea level. That’s equivalent to only 16.3% O2 compared with 21% at sea level. The reduced availability of O2 at altitude stimulates your body to produce more red blood cells, improving your oxygen carrying efficiency.

When I told my work colleagues and friends that I was using my annual leave to train at altitude, they all thought I was crazy. Yes, it’s hard training and I’m here to benefit my running, but the best thing about being here is the wonderful scenery, the peace and quiet, and the feeling of having all the time in the world.


So a couple of weeks up high to boost red blood cells, plus all that heat training to boost plasma volume, then a little taper in ‘normal conditions’ and I will be ready to go!

Happy running everyone 🙂

1 thought on “From Hot to High 

  1. good luck for Rotterdam and the races in between glad to see you got your sponsorship must be so hard funds for the lesser known sports as I recall Rob De castella won the race back whenever and was televised all night has you old man bought you a fez??

    david Ryder

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