First race for 2015 done! 

The Hans Resolution Run in Brisbane was the first race for the year for me. I felt I needed a good hit out, as I haven’t raced since September and given I work every Saturday, a race in Brisbane is a whole lot easier than flying interstate. Having said that, my morning started at 3:20am with my pre-race takeaway breakie in the car. I managed to arrive in time for a 5K warm up, registration and a quick onstage interview.

The 11K race – definitely not my usual distance – was a little tricky with the steep ramps, U turns, pedestrian obstacles, and some slippery sections! But I still managed to run at a decent pace and cross the line first. And in the middle of heavy training without a taper, it gave me a little extra confidence in my fitness.
It is always awesome to run well and to win but I have to say the 1K with the kids was a great finish to my morning. It still brings me so much joy to see others inspired to run whether they are in Grade 5 or 50 years old!
Thanks to my awesome sponsors at 2XU for the best running gear, made even better with the new bright colours. After a big day, there’s no better way to recover than in my compression tights, feet up, on the couch!
Happy running everyone!

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