Commonwealth Games wrap up

photo 2

Wearing the Green and Gold as a marathoner at the Commonwealth Games was an amazing experience in itself, but when I crossed the finish line in 8th place in a time of 2:35:01, knowing I’d run a huge PB, I never felt more proud to be an Aussie!

20th Commonwealth Games - Day 4: Athletics

I was filled with excitement lining up on the start line and I felt really positive that I was going to run a race that I’d be proud of. Lucky for me the lead pack went out on my race pace so I sat in until they picked up the speed at around 13K. My plan was to stay at a comfortable pace and then come home strong in the last 10K. The crowd was amazing and there was so much support for the Aussies. Having my family and so many Australians out there supporting me meant the world, and to hear people yelling out that Michael Shelley had won gold in the men’s race was even more inspiring. It was a great feeling to pass two runners within the final stages of the race to move into 8th place. And seeing the clock stop at 2:35:01 – 3:25 quicker than my previous race – was even better!

photo 4

Now back on the Sunshine Coast, I’ve come home to countless messages from people who have been inspired, from kids running their school cross country to adults entering their first fun run. As a runner I love the idea that I can motivate others to get active, set goals, and get more out of life.

I’ve come a long way in such a short time and it really is exciting to think of what lies ahead. Having such an experienced and accomplished coach, Prof Richard Telford, gives me confidence that I can continue to improve as a marathoner and I’m more motivated than ever to do the hard work and wear the Aussie singlet again!

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